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Hult International Business School. Courses for International Students in London
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Hult International Business School is a top-ranked business school with campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai and rotation centers in New York and Sao Paulo. The school offers a range of business-focused programs including MBA, Master and Undergraduate degrees. The school has been gaining international recognition for the quality of its programs, recently having been ranked
#21in the U.S. and #31 in the world by The Economist (2012) and #57 in the world by the Financial Times (2013). Hult also ranks in the Financial Times Top 10 for International Business, International Experience, and International Mobility. The school is a fully accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of MBAs.
Founded in 1964 as the Arthur D. Little School of Management, Hult remains a microcosm of the world with a 95% international student body.
Why Choose Us?
Hult transforms lives by providing an exceptionally valuable global education that brings together people, cultures, and ideas from all around the world. The School encourages personal growth, intellectual integrity, global sensitivity, local engagement, and civic values, so that students are able to flourish in the global economy and are empowered to contribute meaningfully to their business and community.
Global Campus Rotation
An international perspective is crucial to understanding today’s business issues. Hult’s Global Rotation Program allows students to gain critical insights into the world’s key economies and firsthand international business experience.   You can start your MBA, Master of International Business or Master of Arts in International Relations in Boston, San Francisco, London or Dubai and then choose to study for up to two modules in an alternate campus. You can also choose to your elective courses at Hult’s Shanghai campus. Hult facilitates the campus rotation and assists with visa and housing arrangements. 
Practical Education
We believe that an education should not take place entirely in the classroom. Our Action Learning approach ensures that you have the opportunity to test the theories that you learn from your professors in real business situations and our small class size enables us to include meaningful activities that put your knowledge to work. 
Top-notch Faculty
Hult’s faculty is also highly global with outstanding academic credentials combined with real-life experience. Our professors are specialized in teaching international managers – indeed 80 per cent have extensive world-wide experience, and a large proportion are active directors of corporations, consultants, or managers of growth companies. Some of our most renowned Hult professors also teach at other top institutions such as Harvard, Wharton, Duke, and INSEAD.
International Student Body from 135 nationalities
Selected from a wide range of industries as well as nationalities, our student body is a talented and diverse group. With students hailing from 135 nationalities and speaking over 105 languages at Hult, you learn as much from your classmates as from your professors. We are proud of our exceptionally diverse and international student body who make our small school a microcosm of the international community at large.
Dedicated Global Career Services
Hult has established a Global Careers Services team with dedicated resources in key job markets to support international career development. In association with Keystone Partners, a global career management company, we have created a comprehensive program including course work and one-on-one meetings. 
Clubs and Society 
We have a range of student organizations and societies on each of our campuses. These include Hult Student Association, Hult Asian Business Club, Hult Marketing Club, Hult Consulting Club, Hult Entrepreneurship Club, the Raise and Give Society, Hult Energy Club and Hult Public Relations Club.
Each campus also hosts a number of social initiatives and extracurricular activities including international film nights, faculty versus student sports games and food and cultural festivals. 
Hult's Degree Programs