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St Giles International College, Highgate. Courses for International Students in London
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 Keith Harding
 51 Shepherds Hill,
 London N6 5QP
 United Kingdom
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University Foundation Business Course (UFBC)

These courses are designed for students who want to prepare for a university first degree course in the UK, and are offered at St Giles Colleges in Brighton and London Highgate.

The standard course lasts for 36 weeks, but there is also a fast-track course of 24 weeks for students who have already achieved a good score in IELTS. The programme is intensive and includes 30 lessons per week in classes of a maximum of 12 students.

Our University Foundation Business Course is partnered with the University of Brighton Business School and Oxford Brookes University.

Course Specifications

Course Length:

Standard Course: 36 weeks
Fast-track Course: 24 weeks

Lessons per Week:

IELTS Preparation: 15
EAP and Lecture Preparation: 5
Key Subject Lectures and Tutorials: 10

Maximum class size:

12 (except lectures)

Key Features
An affordable business foundation course at a leading language school; recognised by two highly respected British universities. The UFBC has a record of good results, with successful placements in a selection of some of the UK's leading universities.