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South Chelsea International College. Courses for International Students in London
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 Charles Heil
 4 Tunstall Road,
 London SW9 8BN
 United Kingdom
 +44 (0)20 7738 4660
 +44 20 7738 4750
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What are the advantages of studying at South Chelsea International College?

  • A friendly College, located centrally in a diverse, cosmopolitan and lively part of London
  • Established in 1985,  accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), has UKBA Sponsorship licence
  • offers good value for money prices
  • Provides accredited  professional degree level courses in Computer Studies(BCS), Business Studies(ABE), Travel & Tourism (ABE) 
  • Provides classes  in English as a Foreign Language during the academic year and summer classes at all levels

South Chelsea International College is a privately owned College, based in an attractive, well-equipped building, with comfortable classrooms, a self-access study centre and free internet access. Founded 25 years ago, it attracts students from a wide range of countries, often through personal recommendation. 

We work together with an International Student Service Organisation, which can arrange rented accommodation for students in London.