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Accommodation Homestay/ Residence/ Self-catering
Town / City Oxford
Region South Central England
Cost £22,848.00 per Year
Course length 2 Years
Ages 16 - 99

This course is for the most able students who are seeking places on competitive degree courses at the most elite universities in the UK or internationally. A-levels are essential for any students considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge University, or to medical school.


Specialist subject expertise

A-levels are unique in providing an unrivalled depth of study in a few, specialist subjects.

After two years, you will have developed the kind of subject knowledge which is often only acquired during the first year at university in many other countries. 

A-levels also develop your broad study skills and your ability to think and argue critically. They prepare you fully for the challenge of studying at world-class universities.


Very small classes

We teach A-levels in classes with between 4 and 10 students. This close support and guidance from teachers is essential due to the academic demands A-levels place on international students.


Group tutor and specialist subject teachers

You will have a group tutor who will be your constant point of contact for support throughout your course. You will also benefit from subject specialist teachers. All our teachers are highly experienced at understanding the special support international students need in order to progress and excel.


Click here to see our website for full details of the A-level course at Kings.


*If you need additional English, you can study the Extended A-level course prior to your A-level course.

Entry Requirements IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.*
Completed 10 years of schooling with proof of excellent grades.

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