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Accommodation Homestay
Town / City Bournemouth
Region South Central England
Cost £7,616.00 per Term
Course length 3 - 6 Terms
Ages 14 - 20

GCSE qualifications are recognised worldwide and are the ideal gateway to further academic study in the UK and beyond.


At Kings we offer two study plans:

  • an accelerated one-year course in Bournemouth, London and Oxford
  • a standard course of between 4–6 terms in Bournemouth

Students will follow a mixed curriculum including science, mathematics and humanities subjects. They can expect to prepare for GCSE exams in a range of subjects, depending on aptitude and language proficiency.

Subjects include: Arts, Business, English, Geography, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, PHSE, Science, Physical Education.


There is also the opportunity for students to participate in a range of extracurricular activities such as Young Enterprise and the inter-college debating society.


Specialist support at Kings

Personal mentoring and support are important for all our students, but are particularly vital for younger students aged 14 or 15. We have a complete team of specialists in place who are here to ensure every student develops and grows - academically, personally and socially.


Specialist homestay provision

All students of 14+ are automatically allocated our Homestay Extra service for the highest levels of comfort and support.


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Entry Requirements Junior Entrance Test equivalent to minimum IELTS 5.0 (Standard) or IELTS 5.5 (Accelerated).
Completed 8 years of schooling with good results (Standard) or 9 years (Accelerated).
Minimum age 14 (Standard) or 15 (Accelerated).

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